• strangegirl 31w

    Safe standards

    I keep telling to myself that the world is a beautiful place.
    As a child of good parental values I was taught the gracious values of human race.
    For every innocent child the world is his fairy tale
    Filled with laughter, happiness and simple minded people
    Why is it so??
    A child has to bear the harsh reality of life
    Why is it so??
    A child bears the suffering of an unkind
    The touch they fear
    The touch which makes them suffer
    Why is it so??
    The scar of despair is so clear
    The negligence of family
    The complexity of society
    Makes the highly valued thinking futile

    Can i ask what is safe for a child today??
    What makes them cry??
    It is the shattering of their sweet world which puts them aside.
    A child needs freedom to explore
    The confidence to know more
    What is the use of such kind of safety
    Which keeps them locked in under the eyes of society.