• when_soul_writes 9w

    Ode to My Pretty Boss

    I remember the first day I saw you.
    Though I was hiding in the back not to be recognised,
    Let me proclaim something dear boss,
    I was super astonished by a woman near my age.

    I know you work tremendously hard
    To keep our college in it's heights
    You are an incredible person, let me tell,
    I am super proud to work under you!

    When times are tough,
    Don't be dispirited dear pal, never ever quit.
    Recall the passion you have shared.
    You have given wings to thousands , I bet.

    Though I don't converse with you often,
    Or feel anxious when I see you,
    I wanted to tell you , I admire you.
    Thank you for being a great boss cum pal
    Happy birthday my pretty Boss!!!!!