• swathi_ 6w

    It's so good to see, how things have changed

    Gone are the days, thinking why people haven't called, feeling for the close ones who act like they don't care, and hell lot. I regret having wasted quite a time thinking about stuff that don't even matter.

    You care. Okay. You don't care
    Who cares. Live your way.
    If I care, I'll show. Even If don't, I'll secretly wish you happiness
    Nobody owns anybody
    Everything is temporary
    There'll be problems
    That's what makes living, spicy
    Stand up, own it
    When something is bothering you, say
    "Bring it on,
    Let's see who wins"
    You got everything inside
    Let your feet and heart be on the ground,
    Work to reach the skies,
    But look, like you own the goddamn place.