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    mystery of the theft - 1

    K.K Rajnani, purchased something special
    the moment was like a festival
    a gold statue containg diamond precious
    K.K was hard working & ambitious
    kept it in special room, near house
    restricted for human, birds or mouse
    bullet proof walls, door & locker
    totally impossible to conquer
    celebrated with family & buddies
    bullet proof cabinet & Special keys
    installed advanced CCTV devices
    recorder for capturing videos & voices
    four guards for the security
    with great strength & ability
    locker containing fingerprint scan
    he was ready with future plan
    K.K was celebrating with confidence
    far away from negative consequence
    daily visited the locker room
    at morning, night & afternoon
    once, K.K invited his Uncle on visit
    end of happiness & spirit
    this dark morning, destroyed dreams
    all in vain, guards & machines
    Uncle was sad & disappointed
    K.K's life was totally exploited
    gold statue was not present
    happiness was no more permanent
    registered complain in police station
    ACP Surya started investigation
    experts analysed the situation
    after lots of hard work & tension
    they found a small projector
    ready to catch unknown operator
    situation was impossible to manage
    Statue was a holographic image
    darkness in entire situation
    turning point in the investigation
    investigation in every sector
    no fingerprints on projector
    new technique, plan & arrangement
    totally impossible replacement
    appearing for toughest life exam
    gold statue replacing hologram
    still there was a doubt
    nothing in & nothing out
    situation was like a cage
    experts analysed CCTV footage
    confusion may remain lifelong
    but there was something wrong