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    Suicides a New Trend in our society

    Suicides are now a fashion in our society and a trend in new generation. Intolerance overcomes, youth become a victim of the same.

    Till 90's, scolding by father/mother was considered a miracle and a life changing thing. And I am one among those who born in 90's and still feel the same.

    Now its not about scolding and insulting, failed in love/affairs become a new reason. It involves boys/girls of all ages without any discrimination. When a boy/girl failed to marry his/her choice they become a victim of Suicide, without thinking about
    consequence they do and rest is history.

    Our parents had done a lot for us and now its was our duty to serve. But instead of giving happiness we are giving them lifetime pain that never heals and I believe these pain giver will never rest in peace.

    Lastly, I Know I can't feel the pain of those who hold the fire in hand (Parents) but have to say that these types of guys doesn't deserve to be your childrens.