• crazy_z 10w

    Finally 400th one....������
    And that tooo for someone soooo special....������

    Ummm....I really dont know, from where to start����....am failing to express, words are falling short...Just that, I love you a lot Paaa....❤❤❤❤

    Happiest Father's Day to him and all the fathers of this world. They all are just so much more, than I can say it, in my meek words.
    Throughout their life, what they do for their families, remaining silent always, hiding their pain from rest all, bearing all problems to provide us with comforts, happiness and a peaceful living.....❤❤❤❤

    No one can match you ever, in what you do....
    To allllll the Fathers of this world,
    You all are precious, most valuable, important and needed one, in our lives....
    May Allah, grant to all fathers a long, healthy, happy and very peaceful, prosperous life, till the day of qayamah. Ameen ����

    Lotsss of love to all of them.....❤❤❤❤


    A small piece for them :- ����

    Backbone of family he is,
    Without whom,
    Life will just halt with a pause,
    He is that man.

    Who has woven,
    A beautiful story of my life,
    Till now,
    My mother is that ink,
    My father is that pen.

    What do I say about you?
    For you,
    Tell me, what do I write?

    For emotions gets drenched,
    In tears and smile,
    Dancing together beautifully,
    When your name, your face,
    Comes in my sight....

    Each breathe that I inhale,
    I owe to you,
    To you,
    I owe,
    My complete existence.

    I wish and I pray, heartily,
    To my Lord,
    To bless me,
    With your everlasting presence,
    In each and every Renascence.

    When your calloused hands,
    With hues of hardwork and struggle,
    Rests upon, my shoulders,
    My small world,
    Feels so beautiful,
    Safe and secure.

    When your caring eyes,
    Who have witnessed,
    So many sacrifices,
    Throughout their life, for us,
    When I glance at those pearls,
    Purest love for me,
    Every time I procure.

    Your words _
    Are my wise advisors,
    Your Experiences _
    Those footprints,
    That I always follow.

    Your concern, your guidance,
    Fills this beating piece ❤,
    With sane insight,
    Which is else way broken from within,
    It is completely so hollow.

    Life will not always be,
    That thing, I know,
    And I do understand.

    But my life,
    Seems more beautiful,
    And easy to live,
    When beside me,
    Defending me, in my problems,
    So firmly you stand....

    I wont say am your princess,
    I wont say,
    You are my king, or any superhero.

    Exaggerations are not needed,
    In our relation so pure,
    The word " Father ",
    Simply says it all, infront of it,
    All such jargons, seems just zero.



    I may not be your perfect daughter, but you are undoubtedly the best for me. ������
    Love you a lot Paa.....��������❤❤❤❤

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