• sharien_kayshap 5w

    #every girl is to be respected

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    oh, dear Reader,
    Read it kindly,
    I'm a girl,
    feel proud of it,
    Everything can i dare,
    no matter whats the difficulty layer.

    I'm the one who owns the world,
    I'm the all in the lord,
    Im the insperation source to all,
    No matter wether I stay quiet and alone.

    I'm the only almighty,
    I'm the queen of night,
    I'm all your heart,
    You never understand but.

    I'm the all your courage,
    but you only want to touch,
    I'm all the world's happiness,
    And the beauty of pleasent,
    That makes you lovingness.

    you just judge me by my living,
    but not the truth i must having,
    you makes me a thing of entertainment,
    And your eye to my soul attainment.

    I'm the source of inspiration,
    I'm the respect of Nation,
    but you never understand my important,
    You just my faith forgotten.

    Mind mine words,
    respect me a lot,
    I'm the everything,
    just your eyes were nothing.