• writtenexpression 23w

    Lake of Healing

    I made my way down to the beach on that hot summer day,
    The skies so very blue, not a single patch of grey.
    I thought about this depression and how its affected me,
    Maybe I need some healing, from the voices that speak to me.

    As my eyes met the lake, hundreds of people around,
    The voices turned from evil, the bad thoughts all drowned.
    I started to befriend the anxiety, from this ‘social’ situation.
    I tuned it into bliss, without a second of hesitation.

    I began to wonder why, I felt so free all of a sudden.
    Could it really be this day, that brought on a conclusion?
    Was it the blue sky, the warm water, even the crowd?
    Was it maybe the clean air, that one perfect cloud?

    These voices that used to come on so strong,
    The ones that almost killed me, and taught me I was wrong.
    All of a sudden, they were gone and my mind felt at ease,
    I continued to ponder, hoping this was a real release.

    I left to go home, and test my happy thoughts,
    But as soon as I left they came back, saying I was wrong.
    The voices reappeared and took me for a ride,
    I returned to that lake, and they began to subside.

    As I awoke that morning, that dream felt so real.
    I really thought it worked, thinking I was healed.
    Once the day got on, and the voices were unappealing,
    I wished we could all have a REAL experience, with the lake of healing.