• writersworlds 5w

    Uncharted Waters

    An ocean tumbles through dreams of you. In depths unknown,
    I float above. Oh, how I long to dive beneath your surface,
    yet I am timid in matters of love. If brave, I’d have shown you the whole of my gushing heart, no less than tides of bliss.
    Seeking depths unknown, I long to dive beneath your surface.
    Searching your eyes, I want for treasures lost on the ocean’s floor.
    The sun, like a gold coin, drops, splashing this face of regret.
    I blush in secret thoughts of you and turn away from the endless shore.
    A swoop from seagulls catches the light of your smile and breaks the hush of late sky. Turning away from the endless shore of regret, I blush.
    My lonely shore may flood, a wish to bathe in the caress of you granted.
    I shall break from fear, to brave a rolling river between us.
    Down current, I’ll swim until I reach your ocean of sparkling blues.
    I would drown in the waves of your uncharted waters.
    Glorious would be death in the caress of you, your uncharted waters…glorious.