• a_saysvibes 31w

    It began with pain to give me birth ,
    The bond from womb to the time I was born ,
    Which triggered off a love so strong ,
    Blossoming into a life long bond ,
    A bond that can never be torn .

    You worried for me within your every bone ,
    When you let go of my little hand to ,
    take my first steps on my own .

    You nurtured my dreams ,
    You painted my hopes ,
    I've learned to make knots ,
    At the end of my ropes.

    When I needed comforting ,
    You always found the time ,
    You were my cushion when I'd fall ,
    You run to me whenever I give you a call.

    Even though I might not say it ,
    I really appreciate all you do ,
    So powerfully blessed is how I feel ,
    For having a mother like you .