• _infinity_ 9w

    Yes you are right,
    we have grown enough to take decisions of our own

    Why they have so much problems with us?
    Why they keep scolding us for every little thing?
    If they have so much problem with us,
    Then why should they have born us

    Now question arises
    Aren't they are source of your happiness?
    Aren't they are doing everything for us?
    Aren't they are providing everything that what we need?
    Aren't they are earning for us?
    Aren't they think about us first then themselves?
    Aren't they are the one who cares about us the most?
    Aren't they are the doing the best they can do for us?

    Now just think,
    Have we ever take our time out to talk with them?
    Have we ever opened up with them?

    I can surely say that their intuitions are never wrong.
    They scold us just to make sure that we will not do that mistake again.

    Once we start taking our out time for them, they will achieve something they they have never achieved before (that sort of happiness)
    They will start behaving more like a friend then as a parent

    We will realise all this things when we will become a parent