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    Getting a 'Edward Cullen' is not that easy in today's world. Is it?

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    My Beloved (2)

    ©Ankita Priyadarshini
    Twilight of the dawn brought me hope
    to love you to the fullest,
    no to hurt you or become a dope
    But was unable to, Sorry my sweetest.

    I agree, I was doltish not to save you
    I know how egocentric I was, but,
    I know now as I too am feeling blue
    in the world without you, the sadness glut.

    A big conspiracy it was, the man in my face's veil,
    Killed my beloved, you.
    Oh! How execrate for him I feel!
    Was it a love for you?

    Yes, he said he loved you but got rebuffed
    In a grudge--bearing mind, he killed you.
    Both of us, he bluffed.
    I wanted to live whole of my life with you, and so will do.

    I'll quit and go to you, to the heavens
    To cherrish our love, which is not just a so--called word but is true.
    Hereby, I cut my veins.
    I'll soon be there with you.