• voiceofmyamour 22w

    Opposites attract

    The days we were together
    Were beautiful memories,
    Now that you left me
    They are mere history.

    Daily stupid chats and sharing funny videos were fun,
    Now only messages console me
    When I miss you.

    Uncountable selfies fill my gallery,
    Remind me of those good old days,
    Now I control myself not to delete the pictures
    Because of those moments which remind me of you.

    I thought our friendship
    Was deeply rooted in trust,
    But I was wrong
    Maybe fate played its game well.

    I miss your hand cooked food,
    My taste buds still know how your food tasted.

    That one trip in college
    And one night stay
    Was fun,
    But now I can only cry
    Thinking of that night.

    All that existed between us
    Is nothing now.
    All that remains is
    A blocked WhatsApp contact number.
    You blocked me
    But not our friendship.

    I miss you,
    But I still love you.