• washed_by_the_water 36w

    A Hue of Love

    Oh you, you're like a black hue surrounding me in reality
    But when I think of you, it makes me feel happy
    I can only imagine what it would be like to have you around me
    But, it would be wrong to take your colorful hue away from your lady

    Oh you, you're like a peach hue surrounding me in my dreams
    But just because I say peach doesn't mean I think you're good for me
    I know it's not good to daydream about what we could be

    I wanna spread a red hue because that's the color our hearts bleed
    I wanna spread a blue hue because that's the color our veins give off
    Carrying blood that has been oxygen-depreived to our hearts

    I want to be the veins we have and I want to carry love into all our hearts
    I only want to spread the love, like Jesus did on the cross

    I love you brother and I wish you the best
    This black hue is only helping my life make sense.