• _ligaya 21w

    I Didn't

    I was just about to confess that I've already fallen for you
    Because lately, I've been thinking about you so much
    I even pictured how we would be when we get together
    Because you made me feel special
    You call me everyday, show care for me, and sing to me
    Suddenly you talked about someone you used to love
    I mean, someone you still love
    And you told me how much you wanted her back
    And how much you tried to distract yourself by flirting with other girls to forget her
    My heart was stabbed but I wouldn't let you know
    All I could do is cheer you up, give you advices
    I could straight up tell you to just forget her
    But I didn't
    Because I realized that night how much you love her
    I wanted so bad to ask you...
    Did you use me, too... Like how you used other girls to try to forget her?
    I wanted so bad to ask you
    But still, I didn't