• titilope_xo 6w


    My joy knows no bounds,
    That I was born this way.
    Being XX has its perks,
    But I think I'm happier, to be born,
    In a time where, at least, the girl child has her voice.
    I'm happy to be alive in an era,
    Where the girl child has the opportunity,
    To learn gender equality from the scratch,
    Without having to delete, erase or format archaic ideas of patriarchy.

    Very soon, embryos will gain knowledge!
    And leap for joy, because the placenta of their mothers, nourish them with equality!
    And when they are birthed, they'll drink the colostrum of greatness!
    Ready for greatness, nothing stopping them!

    I know that day will come!
    But for now, I'll keep breaking barriers.
    Doing the best I can do!
    For my sisters!
    We deserve the best, and only the best!