• harsha_wordsmith 9w

    Love is a bouquet of feelings. It has beautiful flowers to thorns as well, but can it be compared with anything? This is a rookie attempt at how love draws comparison to the various experiences we have in life and is an ode to show how much you mean to me.

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    Till Infinity

    The way a mother feeds her children,
    The way a child clings to his favorite toy,
    The way the gentle seas kiss the shore,
    The way the sunset merges into horizon,
    The way I look at you.

    The happiness on finishing a good novel,
    The smile of a father on seeing the newborn,
    The excitement on getting the first salary,
    The joy when your favorite team wins the match,
    The bliss when I hear your voice.

    The smell of the earth in the early showers of rain,
    The sight of the glorious snow-capped mountains,
    The sound of the birds chirping during spring,
    The taste of the savoring the last piece of pizza,
    The feeling when I'm beside you.

    Trying to measure my love against these tangibles,
    The elusive comparisons, they fade out before you,
    It's like trying to count the stars in the night,
    It's impractical, but your know what,
    If you're with me, I'm ready to count till infinity.