• marcuscrypto 6w

    I 'L take care of you

    when you came, I was absent,
    I wasn't there to help you take off you luggage,
    I wasn't there to give you a glass of cold water,
    To quench your thirst, or food to satisfy your hunger,
    But now am here for you, just only for you.

    I may never have good things for you,
    Or sweet words to offer when you need them,
    I may not motivate you when you are down,
    But be assured of this,
    I will always be there for you, only you.

    If this is what they call sacrifice,
    Then forget that, I will take it as responsibility,
    I will talk to your needs,
    And help you cross the broken bridge,
    To the world of comfort.

    Just for you to stay comfortable,
    Like a slave, I will labour,
    To calm down your wants,
    For I was never there when you came,
    But I will never depart from you.