• vivek_utters 5w

    A total Ungrateful Bitch

    I was destroying myself,
    By being patient
    By trying to make the people around me happy
    I try to numb my feeling so much
    That I sometimes forget what to feel
    I smile those fake smiles to avoid questions,
    To avoid people's eyes and constant judgment
    I sometimes ask myself if I'm exaggerating
    If I'm being a total ungrateful bitch
    I try to help people,
    People who are going through shits
    It somehow fills the emptiness in my heart
    And I wonder if I'm doing it for me or them
    It's a complicated feeling, it's cliche
    But then the feelings will still come and go
    Making you scared,
    Always putting you in a wonderland
    Where you think if you'll change to someone you despise
    To someone who you'll never thought you become
    To someone whom you're friends complained about
    Then you think maybe nobody was this insensitive
    Maybe they gave the world their everything,
    But guess what the world didn't.