• baisakhis_thoughts 5w


    We were companion then swiftly we decided to be a boon companion.
    We were precious together. I presume, you weren't a blessed soul to have me.
    We used to cherish our moments by pleasing a token of gestures.
    Time passes, And your monstrous form cautiously shown down.
    Nonetheless, I never disdain you.
    I fought with you before, you harm me, but you never gave a right say.
    And the day comes, it was late.
    You called me. And asked me to come over.
    Abruptly, your filthy hand strangled me.
    You undressed me,lunged at me. You moisten it and slurp it.
    You were my niche , which got sunken into my eyes.
    I grief with the pain that you went away, and not coming back ,
    You etched my all corner of identity, when you get nullified.
    You hammered me with your hands, I screamed, I pecked my hands and feet, no one was their.
    When my soul got devoid, your soul got stronger.
    Smilingly, dead, I throttled by you without any hollow-hearted.