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    The scorching heat of ambition and competition and the yellow light of deceit and corruption of the reality has left most of us with scars and wounds. Wounds so deep and horrid, writhing in pain, unable to scream aloud, afraid of being found out and stoned to death.

    But don't be afraid of the fall my dears. Instead embrace it. Embrace the loss of your leaves and flowers. Bite in the lips and swallow the pain of those wounds. And step back into the cold comfort of what's left. Not to stay and rot, but to escape the harsh storm of the winter from North. Howling and waiting to pounce when you are at your weakest.

    Wait and wait and wait a bit more, as seasons will change and spring will come. So stay strong and be yourself, for that's the biggest asset one will ever have. Because once that changes, you'll become a plaything for the seasons.

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    Fellow bellow, too much yellow
    Hero pillow, make him mellow.