• padfoot_scribbles 23w

    We are all just a bunch of hypocrites.
    Well-dressed, soft-spoken and sophisticated..
    We give sermons on equality and choices..
    But are first ones to diss anyone who supports feminism..
    We profess that we should always support one another..
    But, cluck our disapproval at a mother trying to handle her screaming toddlers at a department store..
    Rather than focusing on setting a global trend,
    What we truly need, is introspection..
    If a helping touch or a sympathetic nod is all that's asked of you, do it.. Don't hesitate..
    A small act of yours might help someone get through their day better..
    Look through all that pompous trash you've accumulated inside you..
    You might yet find a trace of goodness among it..
    Find it.. Nurture it.. And grow it, till it shines brightly..
    Till everything else ceases to exist..