• julesinrepose 22w

    When the world goes dim

    In a drastic attempt to wrangle back years I have lost through decades of uncircumspect debacles and self induced chemical carnage. It's all very real to me that this life style has in effect.... Dam near done me in. How effective and encompassing did the good times wrench out life sustaining elements I so critically need now. An untimely demise is eminent.
    In retrospect I am who I am because of my vivacity for the alternative state of mind. For that. I don't apologize or regret the verdict and sentence handed down. No quandary or consternation. I've had a hell of a time.
    A Woman who loves me completely and utterly knows who I am; even when I can't tame the fiendish incubus that dwells within. An offspring who has blessed me three times with spectacular and glorious sunshine for my love holds no bounds.
    I have seen the light many many times. Now I'm close enough to hit the switch and bask in night for eternity.