• shefaligarbyal 5w

    Broken heart

    And one day , He said: He don't love me anymore ,
    He don't like me anymore , he don't care for me anymore & he don't have feelings for me anymore .
    I felt like a stale bouquet of roses , whose freshness and fragnance was dull , if not given proper nourishment (of love ,care ) then their beauty tends to deteriorate , instead with my ugly & broken petals of love , i still kept a hope of its nurturing but all i did received was hurt over happiness, excuses over beleifs, blames over courage ,
    He did said he is proud of me , & my basics ..
    He said , i love you gabs , i will try every back & forth situations to stay commited to you .
    But, he left making me numb all over .
    Bcoz of all those negative vibes he left our love so easily , he got disintrested so easily , he started fading those brightness of hope & light so easily . And yet , finally i did realised even if its hard for me that he really don't love gabs anymore . I am facing the situation & accepting everything putting an unregretful smile coz my soul is pure , my intentions holds transparency . Thats how acceptance upgraded me one more step towards my self love .
    ~Shefali Garbyal