• oyuku234 5w

    Sometimes you regret about a moment you've never lived in...you got me right?
    Well this is my very first poetry to be this long!
    Have a great day ��
    @krystal_18_ @stella_steph

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    I felt a nostalgia about something which never happened
    It made me cry
    A strange feeling was storming behind my eyes
    It felt like I want to live in it again but how
    I regretted but that moment didn't existed
    Maybe somehow I forgotten it
    I'll picture it as a 3 a.m under an oceanic starry night with no digital world... Just me, my friends and my youth... Beside the sound of a deep saphire ocean... Under the golden yellow lights and the cold breeze with some butterflies in my chest... It does sounds great... But.. I've never lived in here.. Isn't it a strange nostalgia and regretting cause now all I live fighting with my breaths... Seeing my youth going away, the butterflies in my chest turning into dust and the starry night turning blurry... It feels like... It's just all gone now and I can never ever have it in my entire life...