• percyjackson 23w

    God Nama 4

    Many ages ago

    In heaven

    God : so I created something so magnificent, so beautiful...

    Animals chattering....: Wow... What is it.... Tell us tell us....

    Angels .: It must be so good

    Trees: we are so excited

    Water: let us see

    God : behold... I present you HUMANS

    A long sullen silence was there

    Angels : what's wrong with you

    God :. -.- ??

    Animals : oh come on you got be kidding us

    God : -____-

    Trees : you suck dude .....

    God : don't tempt me..I will throw you on earth...

    Water: booooohhhhh booohhhhh

    God : -_____- you all are ungrateful subjects begone thoths

    Thoth : hey... Don't be racist you big dude

    God : -.-