• winelydark_wordsmith 6w

    Sometimes you are going
    to be good at something
    but people won't give a shit about it!
    They'll act like you don't fucking exist.
    You're gonna shout loud
    But people are not gonna hear you
    You're gonna put your opinion out there again and again and again and again
    but people will unsee it;

    This is when you're gonna start doubting yourself
    Life is going to suck
    You're gonna feel useless and low as shit
    You'll be alone and free falling into a dark pit;

    And this is when they win
    because this is the only time
    when they are not below you
    beause you have fallen
    and this is what they wanted all along..

    But I hope you remember you're awesome!
    People can't outgrow you
    So all they can do is pull you down..

    -Twinkle Banerjee