• i_mahi27 6w

    The last night dream

    You know I had a Dream,
    A strange dream last night
    I know,You will say its just a dream and
    what is so fascinating about it…
    Actually its uh
    Yes uh !
    You were the Dream
    I knw I sound Stupid
    nd we had talked about it
    Bt last night
    I had a dream of you waiting!
    Yes uh waiting for me!
    On the corner of the street
    Where we had our regular meets…
    I know You dont want to talk about it
    Bt listen
    You were waiting for me
    Just like you always did with a big smile on Face and love in eyes …
    You look as beautiful as snow flex
    Seeing uh I remembered all the moments we had
    And when we met we talked hours and hours
    So uh asked me what I remember by uh …
    And its all the beautiful moments we created together smiling, nd ha sometimes crying
    nd the sad times we passed crying together….
    uh will ask about the times we delt alone
    Well those were lessons to me and I still remember them when I re-evaluate myself if now am capable or incomparable to uj…..
    Bt we had a good long time and we saw that spark again….
    I know uhh will say that, it's just a dream
    this wont happen ever again…
    I know it wont bt
    That was my one beautiful dream which I saw it again last night
    I know you have gone too far that I can ever catch you on
    But I still have hope that one Day
    You will change again…
    And uh will wait for me to join again the roads of life…
    Coz the last night dream was too beautiful to just be a dream!
    So yes I know its stupid and uh will call it childish
    But last night
    Saw A Reality…..