• avanthikaleesha 10w

    Life that gets spelled within a time, how does it feel like? A poem on someone who lives within the shadow of death.
    Inspired from 'Uncontrollably Fond'. ��

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    A Life Shadowed by Death

    When earth wakes to sunrise,
    Death lies narcotized in moonlight

    The raindrops that adorn nature
    Fades in a touch of his futile soul

    The soil that lusters in sunshine
    Chants the silence of graveyards

    Glorious night asleep dreams of
    him shivering alone in a cold coffin

    Glow of fleeting joy gets dimmed
    In the sorrow of eternal darkness

    Leaf of new hopes hangs herself
    In an umbilical cord of despair.

    Fantasy of life gets vanished in
    The grieving reality of departure

    Weight of breath tangles with lungs,
    Making him pant for the last sigh

    Eventually that shadow percolates
    Through his veins, replacing the
    Anxious nerves with nullified bones...