• sinclair 6w

    (This is definitely not self promo. It's just an idea that came into my head. If we all read eachothers poems carefully we'd all learn something about the poet, the poets friends, lovers, or someone created in their head. Poetry is extremely vulnerable and only the people who read poetry get the privilege to listen to someone's heart) 

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    You know all those poems I write about being in love?

    The beauty and the trial of it?

    Well there's a person behind those poems

    The person that causes me to write this complicated poetry you either pass by without reading

    Or double tap and move on

    There's a person behind the words your eyes skim

    A person behind my quoted 'Brown eyes, pale lips' 

    There's a person behind the words of my account

    Two people actually

    There's me

    But I'd rather focus on the other

    The person behind the poetry you read that makes you wish you had a lover

    His name is easy to say

    His eyes are easy to stare into

    His hands are gorgeous at the least

    His words are cautious and fallen into

    His problems are real

    His depression too

    But he still wants to hold me

    And I want it too

    There's a person behind all this

    Did you ever guess?

    A person behind all this recklessness

    His faults are complicated 

    His fake act extremely overrated

    His trust is hard to gain

    He could help me with my fame

    There's a person behind the metaphors I use

    He breathes, he lives, he lies

    Just like all of us

    His clothes hold the skies

    There's a person beneath my attempted rhymes

    A person you'll never know

    Unless you take the time

    To read and comment below