• unnervedlogophile 6w

    I knew loving was hard
    I knew I could get scarred
    But that didn’t stop me from knowing you.
    You said you wanted me
    And that really fascinated me
    I couldn’t brush it off without giving it a chance.
    At first it was sweet and slow
    Like I could spend an eternity in your hold
    And I could feel myself falling too hard too fast.
    I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to
    And that’s just it...I didn’t want to.
    Being with you felt like the bliss I always desired
    Every breathing second with you made me inspired
    I was in knee deep..
    And you said you were too
    And I believed you.
    I knew all the promises and “I love you’s” were true
    Or at least I thought they were.
    We had many bad times
    But we were always tight
    I knew we could go through everything and stay strong
    Or at least I thought we could.
    We were in our own bubble
    Floating through our own paradise
    “No one can break us apart”.
    But when things got tough
    All your promises went out of the window
    You said you still loved me but that didn’t soften the blow.
    You gave reasons and excuses and said we had to think logically
    But you didn’t even consider that me without you would be just a broken tragedy.
    Tell me, why did you even bother to pursue me and show me all the dreams
    If you were just gonna leave me despite all my pleading screams?
    I loved you with all I had and gave you all
    But in the end you weren’t even there to pick me up when I had the fall.