• pri_love02 5w

    We have become too critical of anything and everything whether it has gravity or not. Like the recent trailer of a movie where the actress mentions 'inn fake gurus k vajh se mene kisi apne ko khoya hai' and we were like dare replace it with a 'padri' or a 'maulvi'. And when the 'Black lives matter' was in the move we were like 'arey hamari lives bhi matter karti hai' and started our own 'all lives matter'. When the Mandir poojan started we were like 'arey hospital bhi bana lo' without acknowledging the fact that both the doings are standalone of the other. The construction of Mandir isn't the absence of building a hospital and in the same way the importance of one life isn't the absence of the importance of the other.. Coexistence ka concept hi alien hota jaa raha hai. Let's stand independent of that.
    I have my faith in Ram you have your faith in Allah, we are still the same bro❤️
    Happy Independence day