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    AAOGE JAB TUM - Tale of song.

    "AAOGE JAB TUM" is the most realistic song that bollywood ever had. The mixed up feeling of love and regret, the scattered state of mind and heart, it has shown it all very beautifully. It has spoken thousands of circumstances as well as feelings in just a few minutes. The song which is really close to many's.

    The moonlit night, grey clouds, shattering thunderstorms, cold breezes and still someone is sitting without moving a bit is exactly what this song contains. Even I have felt the same. The unwanted breakup, some unpurposely fights, crying soul and the deepest feeling of heart which is unnamed is felt because of this song.

    It haven't only stated about the love and grief factor life. It had unfolded so many volatile things which is really commendable.
    It have made us to love back, it has made us to be able to make memories together, it has made us to be able to even exist in the first place. It has made people to rethink about love. It has made people to live the life to the fullest once again.

    Denmark is supposed to be the happiest country in the world more because of it's simplicity and so this song is also teaches us the same thing. It made me to love deeply with flaws but happily and faithfully. It has gathered feelings like faith, believe, hurt, cheat, struggle, survive and love back again in just one pace.

    A coin when flipped in the air hurriedly changes face beyond recognition, I think, between love and disaster. Don't be fixated on what shows up when it lands - that's exactly what this song is say. Instead, when comes to love, never filp the coin.

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