• jamaree_writes_poetry 4w

    Don't Hurt Me

    "It's obvious to the eye that my love for you runs Deep,
    Your someone that's very important to my life and a valuable possession that I truly want to Keep,
    I fought through those droughts when I was low on energy and needed to Replenish,
    Wasn't quite feeling myself at the time and scared that my feelings would start to Diminish,
    Here I am though, still standing tall and truly Flourishing,
    You've helped me grow so much so quickly as you are the true definition of Nourishing,
    Is all of this going over your head or is it Penetrating?,
    If it were up to me, I'd give you the highest score with that perfect five star Rating,
    Because that's truly what I feel and think of You,
    Above all the rest and having your own amazing and beautiful View,
    All you can say about yourself is how many flaws you have, but all I notice is perfection as you can't recognize what I can clearly See,
    Giving you all my trust is rare, so what I'm asking of you is to return the favor and please don't hurt Me ..."