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    You are very precious being. It's true that your life too matters. So accept yourself. Accept and grow, evolve. Be a human. Be someone whom you will cherish whenever you will look back. Be a part of the change that you want to see. Have confidence on yourself and be courageous.
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    The real me

    Listening to the songs
    The music resonating me, I found me.
    Lyrics goes well with me, it sounds like me.
    The curls of waves do sound like me
    It roars like the king and rise like real being
    As life goes on
    I learnt to be me, stick with real me
    I am happy, I am in peace with this real me
    Rising among odds, playing with fire
    She fought with demons but never left her desire.
    I didn't kill oysters to get any pearl
    I evolved to real me to shine like a pearl.
    I wish a movie of real me in your memory.
    The real me in your memory
    The real me.
    The real me.

    Embrace yourself like nobody else.
    Grow with self-confidence like nobody else.
    Stepped in when everybody stepped out
    To learn more I gave my almighty shout
    Fought for myself, fought for you
    How can you achieve without being you.
    Who tried to smash me?
    Let’s play fair and square if you dare to crash me.
    It’s me.
    it’s me.
    I am happy with real me.
    I am in peace with real me.
    I wish a movie of real me in your memory.
    The real me in your memory.
    The real me
    The looser me
    The winner me
    The fighter me
    The life of this real me
    This is the real me
    The real me that wants to be a significance even if her energy disappears
    The real me.