• jesutitomiwo 10w

    #I'm grateful GOD for who YOU made me to be

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    Yesterday is different from Today

    I sat cuddled on the bed like the 9 year old me,
    My eyes grazed the soil through the window lazily.
    It was still me with my old passion
    But now, I watch in my 23 years,
    Alot of things have changed, those curious eyes tof mine that find solemnity and nature quite exploring,
    Just knew that today was different from yesterday.
    Even though it is the same me with old passion

    The 9 year old me could call my friends by standing on my aunt bed,
    Holding to my buglary and I could be sure they did see me and smile,
    Or rather that I did smile.
    In my 23 years I tried that again,
    Even if the fence hadn't been a barrier,
    I was no longer sure I can have that childish exictement like it ever was,
    And hence I slumped back in bed and said:
    Today was different from yesterday,
    But I still have the me with my old passion and A big GOD has companion.