• alicedmello 23w

    Stop fighting this battle.
    Go put the gun down.
    No, I can't watch you die little by little.
    Run, soon the sky would turn black.

    Fly through the burning clouds.
    Leave before the rocks around collapse.
    No, I won't stand there and let you fade.
    Run, we can no more steal time.

    Crawl through the fires.
    Leave the ruins behind.
    Race to the shadows.
    Burn the hopes you carry.
    Embrace the death of this story.
    Dust to dust.
    Thrown into the winds around you.

    Feel the patterns of darkness.
    What's the point of loving, then leaving.
    I tell you to run away.
    Then sink in the abandonment.

    Look at the halo round your head.
    Feel the feathers on your skin.
    No, I would never let you play.
    Run, it's a twisted game.