• _luna_ 6w

    We are grains of sand compared to the world
    and the world is a spec compared to the universe
    but this does not mean that people are worthless
    everyone has their own unique personality
    each person is good at something at least
    so here we are, not listening, but rather tell others
    saying words that are not as appreciated
    you and I are not so different in the eye of the beholder
    and it takes time to see the differences and similarities
    their isn’t appreciation in the knowledge of personality
    Change is what some people fear
    Yet it is the fear itself that changes them
    It may take an unknown amount of time to happen
    yet one thing is for certain
    everyone is affect differently by change
    when was the last time something changed in your life
    either it be forcefully or willingly
    what affect did it have on you, how much did your life change
    no matter the action, each time it happens the in consequence
    yet consequence itself can sound bad to most people
    when in fact, it is only the reactions to such actions
    these consequences inevitably change who you are
    no matter how fast or slow, the change is there
    Changes can happen in un-expecting ways
    it could be from meeting some new to a global craze
    so the majority play along like sheep
    following and copying the actions of their more popular peers
    it is the uncommon few who strike for much greater
    to strike and achieve their personal goals
    these are not the Sheppard’s of the sheep
    they are not handed fame and fortune on a silver platter
    these people work hard at what they are good at
    and improve with what they’re not
    Mixed within this, there are people who are lost
    neither being the sheep nor the Sheppard in society
    they proceed through life without knowing what to do
    once they know what they want, they can excel
    then and only then will they decide what to be
    the sheep, the Sheppard, or the in-between successor
    I am not one to judge, or to tell you how to live your life
    although I can listen, and suggest solutions
    you will find your own way through life
    no matter the amount of help you receive