• athuljith 5w

    Twigs Adrift

    Uncanny repercussions these now
    As it y to capture your movement
    So disgracefully worthless and low
    Flying a kite to the firmament
    With the most fragile of strings
    Incipient feelings fly in that guilt
    Of infallible emotion that brings
    Gullible words all wrongly spelt
    As I am ridden with that hunger
    To a frenzied tasteless forage...

    Slipping into that zone of danger
    Where I can’t forget your image
    And that tender line may break
    Disposing off these silly quests
    Burning as that hilarious streak
    Pulling down those safe nests
    In which I buried one of you deep
    Hidden to those wicked eyes.

    Paths aligned dangerously steep
    To keep you away from my prize
    That I treasure with greatest care
    Gripping tight to never let it lose
    But unless to that cruel a stare
    Leaves behind a painful bruise
    And that cut thread pulls hard
    To rip these chambers torn
    Into that petrified ever hazard
    And some flowers left to adorn
    A lifeless body to that delinquent
    Whose nests forced to descend
    To an everyday of pure lament
    And none left out to amend.

    Sorry to have dragged you along
    This silly escapism of a fool...
    These words won’t take long
    To vanish into that swirling pool
    Where we swam with delight
    And dreamt completely nude
    But it was I, came to that plight
    And treasures succeeded to elude.

    Waters consumed my ground
    Demolished wholly that holy belief
    With no twigs ever to be found
    Into a deep dismay of this life
    Urging frozen blood to flow reckless
    Missing out your face and voice
    And dingy memories too hapless
    To that schedule of slender poise.