• profoundrhyming 5w


    I am only human
    Fragments of me,
    Beauty in me
    Not precised
    'Cause iam just
    A human

    Sunrise gives me glow
    Even dark doesnt resist
    Until we lose hope

    Moving to other room
    Deep thinking and nothing
    More ....

    Mother's care rised her
    Here , that mother resides
    Now In her heart and dreams

    I saw her weeping alone in
    Living room , her Fragments
    are distorted

    Me carbon copy of her
    Visualized a huge loss ...
    How a strong women turned
    So weak ?

    She slept with photograph in hand
    I silently covered her with blanket
    After breakdown she slept
    So peacefully .
    And I kept staring on her
    So gracefully.........