• rydum_writes 23w

    It's midnight and i still cannot sleep so letting my thoughts pour into paper

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    Lonely Swing

    You exist only in my dreams
    A place where there's only you and me
    On the top of the hill with field of roses
    We had our little house surrounded by white fences
    You loved cherry blossom so much we had one in our backyard
    Carved our names on it we had it scarred
    I'd picture you in a swing hanging from the tree
    On a white dress and your arms wide like you wanted to be free
    I'd promise you I'd be like that branch forever holding the rope of our life
    Hoping to put a ring on your finger and make you my wife
    But i never had the courage and kept you
    dangling in dilemma
    Our story would've flopped if ever featured in cinema
    I never realized i was pushing you hard to adjust the pace
    Until you fell of our swing and surrendered your gaze
    It felt so harsh like getting hit by a mace
    I'd die a little bit inside remembering your face
    I'd push the empty swing and just let out a scream
    I'd feel pathetic that i couldn't make you mine even in my dream