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    The Story of aHeart Break

    Have you ever loved?
    The type which pinched
    The type which initially felt good
    But later the sadness inched
    The type when you first opened up
    But later, with fear you flinched.

    That kinda love is a real distress
    To end everything,it so does press
    How unhappy you are is easy to guess
    Yet it kills you to express
    You may accept somehow accept it,
    But cannot confess.

    No one likes a heart break,
    People may even fight to avoid it.
    They don't like to accept their mistake,
    Such a mistake they could commit.
    Happiness they try to fake,
    Just because, a relation they can not quit.

    You keep pulling it each day,
    Adjusting to death to not face the end,
    You can't see them walk away,
    So you tend to pretend,
    How long can such a situation can not stay?
    Gradually their value starts to descend.

    This is how a broken heart feels,
    With pains unknown it deals,
    All kind of emotions it conceals,
    And all feelings of love it seals.
    Slowly,however, it somehow heals,
    And yet, what it went through,it never reveals.