• shoumya_s_de 5w

    Let's bid "GOODBYES"

    We started our journey on 19th August,
    "katakol becomes a family" was a myth till then.

    From the countless "jamming seasons" in Basu Da's canteen,
    to giving notes in the campus.
    From never making us feel that we are Juniors,
    To supporting us like a family,
    From showing how to organize a freshers party,
    To fulfilling our every wishes that we had,
    From learning "how to play Caroom?!"
    To playing absurd shots,
    From having conversations regarding "anything under the sun",
    To showing the Path to walk on, - We became a family.
    Don't expect that we would be saying any "goodbye and take care" quotes,.
    Coz we know you will always be there when we hit a dead end.

    Like the expectation theory,
    Where Information set plays an important role,
    You people played it for us.

    Though half of the year was kinda boring,
    Wishing the Rest of your Life to be a kickass one,
    Yes it's gonna be tough,
    Yes it's gonna be rough,
    Still you have to hold on when things go south,
    And push through!
    (p.s. censor alert)

    saying "thank you" will be like humiliating you people,
    Shared smiles,
    Shared opinions,
    Shared friendship,
    Known brotherhood,
    Not to forget the "Crush-List" though .

    You people will be leaving "katakol" in near future,
    But believe us,
    You will be there in our hearts.
    Buk Bhora bhalobasa for making this katakol our second home,
    By the way,
    "katakol becomes a family" is NO more a myth to us.

    Chaati far pyar uplogo k lia!