• bobbycneis 11w

    I remain (shadows of the mind)

     Hanging by a thread I'm plagued by what I feel,
     This dreamland I once lived is a breathing nightmare that's ghost real. 

     It sways in the night within the shadows of the mind,
     I lay staring at the LED clock and watch the stand still time.

      Minutes are hours changing, not quick enough to find the daylight,
     The window pane lies like all I've heard for the first half of my life.

      I know some things are far beyond what I can reach to explain,
     So I remain in the silence and hear it break, but that's just in my brain.

      Scraping windows and creaking floorboards, as the worst fear of all approaches,
     It's an inner cyclone multiplying to blow out my bright light torches.

      But I remain steadfast strong and think of this temporary place,
     And know what I live for is bigger than any hanging shadowed face, so I exchange it with loves grace.