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    He asked for a dance-
    swayed me slow- I smiled
    at him, his innocence
    assured, when slowly he
    twirled me and twirled
    and twirled, until I was dizzy-
    out of breath- he turned into
    a cyclone. I could see the shards
    of leftovers of my soul, falling apart,
    my energy blown, I kicked and
    screamed while the hurricane
    engulfed me. But what use was it
    to cry under the sea? I calmed
    myself, stayed low. Waited for
    the storm to die on its own.

    I inspected the damage- lesser
    than the last- I could walk; all
    was not lost. I said to myself,
    "you're stronger than you believe,
    you're tougher than you can feel,
    you've been through this before,
    not just once, but twice. You know
    how it goes, it's not any different
    a third time." I brushed off the dirt
    and looked around. At least there was a
    little less crumble to sweep off this time.
    Tied my hair up, rolled up my sleeves
    thinking, "I really liked dancing, he
    ruined it for me."

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    He asked for a dance-