• being_hustler 5w

    Heart just aches to be better,
    Dividing the love with the moon and sun,
    Shutting every door to heal,
    When the truth of life just emerges it just evaporates more expectation of love,
    Letting myself believe it's just a myth,
    Exhaling the breadth to sustain in the declaimation,
    Maybe the pain has took over the body,
    Body has just gave up to be normal,
    Destroyed in the process over a blame game in a substantial value,
    Maybe choices were need to be different,
    Just came forward a lesson don't expect,
    Either every single thing is playing,
    Just evaluating to be a better person,
    Maybe positive or negative is a question,
    If I will choose it will be different in every circumstance,
    Maybe It just need a relaxation and stop being an inconsiderate,
    It will somehow be a phase and maybe the future will be happier to be unpredictable and Dizzy now...