• anomis 6w

    Not in a relationship


    It's been an interesting year.
    I got dumped while not being in a relationship. Friendly, reasonable. Still hurtful.
    I think I called quits twice. On the same person. We weren't in a relationship. The first time made the initial move but then he said ok and tears came rolling. I'm still in the process of ending it the second time... It's not that easy... Reaching put keeps me going forward but silence pushes me back harder every time. Maybe tonight is the the try that will make it stilck.

    I'm a little in love I think. Or at least have a crush. Not in a relation and there is not one in a horizon. Keep making myself stick to the plan - it's just like having a crush on a film character. There's nothing real about this. It's obvious. Impression was you were never going to reply but you did. And ended up being everything I never thought you'll be

    I slept with someone. A couple of times. Not in a relationship of course. I felt empty and numb. I hope I'm not broken.

    It's been an interesting year. What if it never repeats? For better or worse?