• yanchen12 31w

    It's All Just A Matter Of Time.. No Time Does Not Freeze.. We Have To Make The Right Decision At The Right Moment. The Nature And Environment Depends On Us . We Are The One Who Can Save It.. We Have Already Destroyed 80% Of It. Now Shall We Join Our Hands As One? And Fight For The Environment.

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    The Clouds Covered The Sun
    A Little Bit Of Sunlight On Her Face
    She Is Inside A Bus
    Looking At The Fields
    The Paddy Fields
    The Sunflowers Smiling With Love
    The Drying River Is Weeping
    She Cries
    Thought For A Moment
    It's All Our Mistake
    Human Being Makes It Happened
    And Yet We Talked About It
    To Save It
    Who Are We Actually?
    The Thought Is Just A Thought
    The Bus Is Going Through A Small Busy Town
    The Town That Makes The River Crying
    The Town Living On That Paddy Fields
    She Put On Her Eye Mask And Took A Nap
    Avoiding The Scenario