• justmel 23w


    I see a beautiful girl, eyes wide open ready for the world.
    She knows no pain.
    Then her bestfriend leaves.
    She's rubbing her eyes to try and refocus her view.
    She realizes the world will never look the same.
    She gets on a plane cause her daddy dont want her.
    Confused, she still holds onto hope.
    She meets new friends and seems cool again.
    But every night her pain creeps in.
    The memories of her and her bestfriend
    Start to fade as her tears drown them out.
    Then one day, a handsome boy notices the pretty girl.
    That was all she wrote.
    Chasing guy after guy trying to find the feeling she lost a long time ago.
    Hit after hit of disappointment left her with pieces of her heart.
    Trying to glue them back together.
    She's learning to love herself with no need
    Of validation from any man.
    I reflect on the past so I won't return.
    Reflection and the bitter taste it brings is my blessing.