• shinchan_says 6w

    Your pain is immense,
    You seem tense,
    Still there will be someone,
    Cheering you with fun,
    Trying to make you light,
    Sometimes teasing and sometimes sweet fight,
    He shows you the side he wants to show,
    What inside you never know,
    And you wonder how he that joyful,
    I never saw him, just a reader,
    I don't know him just an admirer,
    Because we talked with words indirectly,
    So I don't know his conditions perfectly,
    And someday he doesn't say anything,
    I feel I am missing something,
    And a news breaks, he ain't more,
    A scream aloud from my heart's core,
    I won't be able to read him again,
    I never knew his pain,
    Joker taught me a lot in life,
    From being my phobia of clown,
    To be my favorite writer,many hearts he won,
    Kehta hai joker never revealed his name,
    Among broken people as a cheerful person he came,
    And now I can't read him anymore,
    But I will write for sure,
    An inspiration never dies,
    Zindagi lambi nhi badi honi chahiye babumoshai

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